A Better Way to Live

This online program is all about assisting you to manifest lasting happiness, inner peace & contentment in your DAILY living – every day! I cannot teach you how to do that, but I can show you a proven process or system to follow to assist you to achieve such an outcome.

This is why it is important that you allocate suitable time, in a quiet space – and in a place where you will NOT be interrupted so that you can ‘quieten your mind’ and get yourself into that critical ‘listen-only mode’.

It is imperative that you are able to absorb not only what you are viewing, but more importantly the messages you are ‘hearing’ as you go through the modules – hence be in that listen-only mode, meaning no judgment on what you are hearing. Judgment is all about our ego-mind being in control and as author Ryan Holiday titled one of his books: EGO is the ENEMY.

You have 8 Modules, do them in the sequence as set out, DO NOT rush! Change happens slowly. Life is a marathon – not a sprint! Commit, focus, have patience, and A Better Way to Live will manifest.

I wish you all the very best. Listen and watch, stay the course, and stay in touch. Support is near – simply reach out!

Warm Regards always,

Gerry Gleeson

A BETTER WAY to LIVEetter Way to Live is a program designed to change one's mindset from outdated belief systems that you have been 'conditioned' to follow and comply with from a young age. It is an 8 Module program designed to give you structure and a process to follow. After all, just like being good at sport, your profession, etc - 'structure & process' are the keys to your ultimate success in life. Not how much money you have, or how many houses you own. What matters, the real success in life, is to DAILY be happy, at peace, and content with YOUR life. In addition, to be successful and make positive change in your life, you do need to commit to following the rules and structure as proposed in these Modules., Just as you would to be successful in your career, your sporting life, etc. Following The Steps as proposed in each Module you will subtly raise your level of awareness of why it is so important to be more aware of how you Think, Speak, and Act on a DAILY basis. This is not difficult work. It is all 'inner work' that maybe challenging. Challenging and confronting - because you MUST be 100% honest with yourself! But the rewards for your commitment, dedication and effort, are enormous! GO FOR IT!!

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9 Modules